Monday, August 15, 2011


I got to thinking today as I drove to get a haircut. Is there anything I may despise more than getting a haircut?

Yeah, getting a haircut isn't a big deal. It just seems like a big waste of time. You sit down. You are asked how you want it cut and then the awkward small talk starts. It is usually awkward no matter how many times you have been to the barber shop. I go roughly every two months so the guy would take about 10 minutes to remember who I was.

Now the women that I have cut my hair go through the different talk. They may ask about baseball or football but that doesn't go anywhere. So we end up on what is going around the city. If it was a meaningful conversation I would have no qualms. That is the pain of having to find someone new to cut my hair.

As I said, I was thinking about this as I drove to get my haircut. I was thinking of other activities I dread. Having to mow the lawn was one of them. Let me clarify. I don't mind mowing the lawn. It is when the weather doesn't cooperate or you have plans that force you get the grass cut in a certain time period. If you miss the window, it could be another couple of days, or worse, the city comes by and fines you for not cutting it.

Kinda like the same thing with snow. I don't mind shoveling or cleaning the sidewalks. I do hate it when you have to get out there late at night because the plow came by. You risk having it freeze if you wait until the next morning. Then you are hacking away, getting all sweated up before having to go to work. I can do without either thought.

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AletaR said...

The dentist or yearly check up are two of my dreaded. Then you can also add the DMV for the emissions test even though it's every other year.
Just so you know-most women dread visits for their hair as well, or should I say the outcome of their hair.