Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why does AT&T Uverse hate me?

I made a horrendous decision last month. I decided to switch away from Time Warner Cable to AT&T Uverse. Things were fine for one week. But someone closed my account, unbeknowst to me. Frustrated, I decided to write this letter to the bigwigs at AT&T. Now I need to find a slew of email addresses to send it to

To whom it concerns at Uverse:

Uverse has been the most miserable experience of my life. Over the past 3 days, no one has been able to re-establish the service the AT&T disconnected. I wonder how AT&T will disappoint me today.

Over the last 3 days, I have spent
• five hours on the phone with your technicians
• another five hours waiting for a technician to come to my house to fix the problem, but he never showed up nor did he call
• May have wasted my minutes on my cell phone plan and
• Spent week too much time being frustrated by this experience

It started with November 12, 2011. I had the service installed. Everything appeared to be fine until I noticed the box wouldn’t let me record. It wasn’t a DVR box. Luckily I was able to track the guy down outside and have DVR installed before he left. I guess that was a harbinger of things to come.

My Uverse service lasted a week. On November 19 I woke up to find a message on my TV that stated my account had been disabled. I promptly called AT&T to have the service restored but that didn’t work. I was bounced around between technicians, billing, more technicians, new accounts, and back to a technician for two hours. In the end, nothing was resolved and I still didn’t have any service.

I asked them why the service turned off. Their notes indicated that someone on their end hadn’t completed the installation process. So someone at AT&T erred and my service was disconnected.
So I asked them to turn it back on. If you can turn the service off, just turn it back on. Apparently that is not possible.

Later on the 19th, a Tier Two technician called to say that he would have it fixed before the night was over. Well, that didn’t happen. He called back a couple hours later to tell me they couldn't get it to work but they would continue over the nighttime hours and he would call me in the morning on the 20th.

I didn’t hear from a Uverse rep until around 5 PM on the 20th. At that point they asked if they could try one more time before having the service disconnected. I am not sure why I said yes. I spoke with another Tier Two technician who said they can assist me and get the service operation. After another half hour being put on hold, I was told that a technician would have to come to my house to fix it the problem. An appointment for Monday the 21st was established.

The technician was supposed to arrive at my house between 4 and 9 PM on Monday, November 21. That did not happen. I called AT&T again to verify that a technician was in fact coming. No one could explain to me what happened to the appointment. For the next 90 minutes I was talking back and forth with customer service reps technicians who said they couldn't figure out what's going on. I just want to know why technician never called or showed up at my house. At the end of the night, the technician told me I had to call back the next day. Apparently AT&T cannot have someone call me to resolve my problem.

During this process, I was told the problem was that I had 4 accounts. Apparently in trying to fix everything your reps kept closing out one account opening up a new account to get service running once again. This only compounded the problem.

On November 22, 2011I called the new number provided to me and talked with another technician. He says that there didn’t appear to be anything wrong with my order and they needed to talk with those Tier Two technicians and schedule an appointment to come to my house. I asked why they didn’t show up yesterday. I was surprised to hear the rep admit that someone should have been at my house but didn’t show because there was a problem with the account. I pressed as to why I wasn’t contacted. Again I was surprised to hear that I should have been.

Even more surprising is when the rep tells me they can have someone come out on December 20 to install the equipment. After I finished laughing, I ask him why? I have the equipment in my house and just need someone to figure out how to reactivate it. This is news to him. For someone who spent some time reviewing my account, no where did it indicate the original issue and that I had the equipment in my house. I guess that is what happens when each rep closes your account and opens a new one. By the way, this rep opened another new account for me.

Now here I am at Day 4 without any television or internet service. I have no faith in your product or company. I would like someone to address these issues and tell me why you treat your customers so poorly.


AletaR said...

Good luck with that. I spent several days back and forth regarding our cell& phone bill and to have a service charge for long distance on our land line resolved. Finally after numerous calls and the charge back on the next month it was resolved. The tech acted like a major hero and then tried to sell us the Uverse. I laughed and reviewed the past issues. Those issues are what prompted me to not switch to Uverse.

Fred said...

I've had Uverse for about 3 years. My service folder is probably one of the fatest, but then again, who knows, it may be par for the course.

This company is too big to give proper customer service. The left hand has no idea what the right is doing. You would think they can afford to invest some money in making things better for their customers.

The most annoying thing is how no matter who you talk to, they are quick to apologize over an over again. That doesn't get the problem fix. It's in their scripts.

The first Tier of support is completely useless. All they do is follow a script, bounce your router, and treat you like your a complete computer illiterate. Perhaps the majority of people fit that mold, I don't know, but to those of us who are, it's a complete waste of time.

I now hold the Tier2 Supervisor's personal mobile number. That's who I call when I have issues.

I keep threatening to quit them altogether, but one of the reasons I switched to ATT, was because DISH's service was just as bad. And unfortunately where I live, those are my only options.

If you find an email to someone of power, do let us know. I'll be more than happy to give him a piece of my mind as well.

By the way, one thing they seem to be ok at, is Comps. Every time I have problems, I get all kinds of credits. You have to ask for them, they won't volunteer obviously, and certainly don't waste your time with Tier1. Insist on a supervisor who is over the team in your area, and get his number.

Let us know how it goes, and good luck, you'll need it.