Tuesday, November 15, 2011


As I mentioned last week, I got flu shot. I never get a shot because I think I am going to get sick from it.

I do feel like I got sick from the shot. I felt crappy on Thursday morning. Feverish, stuffed up. It could have been allergies but I don't feel sick like that. I just sneeze.

I went ahead and gave blood. The Blood Center vampires didn't care too much. I told them I had gotten a flu shot and they acted like it was nothing.

I felt fine on Friday. Probably because I had the day off. But I have had trouble sleeping the last couple of nights. I have woken up coughing up a storm, as my throat feels like it is covered with phlegm. Worst part is I just can't get back to sleep. I woke up at 3 this morning and went through the same routine. This time was different though.

I am not positive I was sleeping because I think I had a dream of me trying to sleep without coughing. At least I believe it was a dream because I was startled by the alarm going off.

I know one thing tonight. If I wake up coughing this morning, I am going to grab a bottle and take a couple of slugs off of it. I may not get back to sleep but I'll get a buzz on.


AletaR said...

It's not from the shot. Something is going around. Have the same thing. Maybe from Janet? She not only gave us a good time at her house but sent us with a gift.

Hey Jo said...

I felt fine after my flu shot and have never gotten sick after getting one.