Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back to Bigfoot

The boys- and girl- were in Ohio this Sunday. Apparently Ohio has a ton of Bigfoot running around the state. They just haven't ever captured one or found a corpse. But believe them, they are out there.

What we learned this week. The Sasquatch sure does love his bacon! Yep, Bobo was makin' bacon in the morning because he wanted to lure a Squatch out towards him. But he acknowledged he was most likely to get a bear instead. Furthermore, you have to let the Squatch see you eat the bacon. Hell, them Bigfoots ain't stupid! They think you are trying to poison them if you aren't eating your own cooking!

That is the second reference to how you can't fool a Bigfoot. Previously they had stated that Bigfoot was aware of poachers. Now we know they are aware of Mr. Yuck!

Now, according to Bobo's claim, "it will definitely bring out a Squatch!" Funny, I didn't see any Squatches coming out for some sweet applewood pork product. Where was the "Grass Man". That would be Ohioan for Bigfoot.

One thing struck me as I watched the show today. Bobo and Matt each have their own distinct Bigfoot ball. Bobo is a Washington call (I believe that is what it is called) while Matt has the Ohio call. When the show goes to a commercial, we get a cartoon Squatch letting out a call that is like neither one of them. WTF? Should that Squatch give a Washington or Ohio call? Plus I swear that Bigfoot has a distinct New York accent.

One other thing that has me wondering. They keep saying that Bigfoot loves deer. I think he likes his venison as much as he likes his bacon. Where do they have proof that the Squatch eats deer? Have they found a carcass with teeth marks? How can they prove said teeth marks were from a Squatch? Again, they cannot.

Bobo had a nice debate with Ranae about how they can get DNA off a rock. Of course this was because they heard a thud nearby. They each thought they heard it come from a different spot. Funnier is how Bobo deduced that a rock had been thrown. Oy vey!

I think this episode was pretty much a waste. Too many personal experiences, only 1 old video that was very skeptical, and one howl they couldn't identify. A bunch of branches together was a deer blind for a Squatch but there was no prints or proof a Squatch was around. If it was a blind, there would have been some beer cans around it. And if you are going to claim a Bigfoot is walking around the lake every night, then you should be able to simply wait for it to come by.

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