Monday, February 06, 2012

Of course Bigfoots love cemeteries. Duh!

I got caught up with Finding Bigfoot today. Was a little busy to watch the show and give it the full attention it deserves. If I didn't, I wouldn't learn so many new things.

The fun fact learned from this trip to Washington is a doozy! We learned that Bigfoot likes to hang out around cemeteries because people generally stay away from them. It also is a reason why people think cemeteries are haunted and people see weird, unexplainable things there.

Got that? The Sasquatch loves the tranquility of acres of dead people and what people think are ghosts are really Sqatch's running around the edges of the cemeteries which is why they get scared. See, simple!

Beyond that we saw pictures that could have easily been a human, the silly introduction of "Goose Cam" (which led to absolutely nothing- SHOCKER!), and more people telling stories that is 'evidence' of the existence of Bigfoot without any real evidence of Bigfoot. Par for the course.

What we didn't get was any new uses for "Squatch". I guess they've use them all. Hopefully in an all new episode this Sunday we'll get a new tense.

What really makes me laugh at this show is the assumed facts. Everything that someone believes- but hasn't actually been documented by observing a real Bigfoot- is always a fact. This flies counter to another show I like, Ghost Hunters.

In Ghost Hunters, if evidence can be recreated, it isn't considered real. They will recreated lights floating in back, prove the "ghost" voices are actually people in another room heard through the heating vents, or show how movement can cause the door to open.

Even the tools they use are described in theory. People believe a EMF detector can measure a spirit presence. The EVPs are thought to be voices from a ghost. They don't claim these things to be absolute fact because they cannot prove something is truly haunted. Even when they give the property owner their findings, they explain what their opinion is. They don't tell them it is in fact haunted.

The Finding Bigfoot guys should take the same approach. I would love for them to find some hard proof that the Squatch they seek exists. A body. A skull. Bones. Something. Anything. With today's technology you would think they could and would.

Which reminds me. With today's technology, why don't either the Ghost Hunters or the Bigfoot dopes ever spend more than a day or two at a location? If a place is loaded with ghosts or squatches, you would think they would hook up cameras to a hard drive and get days of footage for review. They could truly prove the existence of anything with weeks of footage.

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SirFWALGMan said...

too boring for a TV show.. you need to change the venue.. but for real investigations it might be cool.. Ghost Hunters do go back to really haunted locations.. like the Shining mansion there for example..