Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Finding Bigfoot Drinking Game

Man this show is hilarious. Not just the commentary from the "researchers" but with the Pop Up feature in the older versions, it becomes more of a mockery.

So what better to do when mocking the show than drink along with it! I present to you the Finding Bigfoot Drinking Game.

Grab you favorite beer and booze. You'll need both. Make sure you have enough as you don't want to run out.

The rules are quite simple:
  1. Take a pull off your beer any time someone says Squatch.
  2. Do a shot any time some one says a variation of Squatch- squatchy, squatching, etc.
  3. Chug when one of the "researchers" makes a claim that the evidence or story is definitely a Bigfoot. For example, when Bobo sees a marking on a tree or hears a knock and says "There is definitely a squatch in the area" or "I am confident that is a squatch!", you would chug what is left of your beer.
The episode from North Carolina helped prove how silly these investigators are. It centered around blurry video from a heat detecting camera. A friend of the "researchers" showed a video he recorded that was suppose to be a Bigfoot crawling up a slight hill on its belly and grabbing a candy bar. This friend claimed he was the only one in the state park at the time. He said he had a Bigfoot swatting at his tent and he scared it away. He thought it was still close by so he sent up the heat detecting camera and aimed it towards a stump that he had placed a candy bar on. He then drove away.

I have a problem with a couple details of the story. If the Bigfoot was swatting at his tent, why would it run away from him? Actually, why do Sasquatches in general always seem to run away from humans? They'll throw rocks at them, knock stuff around, but then they run away? It doesn't make sense.

The guy set up this camera but he didn't focus it on the stump. My guess is that a Bigfoot has some kind of electro magnetic field around them because every time a squatch is caught on tape, it is blurry. Same with his tape.

Why did the guy get in his car and drive away? It actually gives him plenty of time to come back and become the image on the tape. For someone trying to find proof of a Bigfoot, leaving the scene makes no sense whatsoever.

Best part though, was they were able to successfully recreate the video with Bobo! Proof that it cannot be taken as solid proof. Oh wait, that is what they would do on Ghost Hunters. Debunk it and dismiss it as not real evidence of a squatch. Not these guys. Recreating the video meant diddly squat.

Remember, it is always going to be a Bigfoot until proven otherwise.

I also noticed one of these clowns claim they are a scientific organization. Funny but they ignore the scientific process in its entirety. Hell, they might as well be climate researchers since they ignore science that proves them wrong as well.


James Wigderson said...

I think you need to chug every time someone does a Squatch call, or if they think they hear one.

Anonymous said...

Every episode is the same. They go into a forest and act stupid. Then they go to a town and find people who think they saw a Bigfoot. Then they go into a forest again and act stupid. Then they end it with, "Bigfoot's are real and are definitely in the area.

Anonymous said...

I think you should drink every time there is a recreation of bigfoot as well. The Squatch call rule is brilliant as well. We're getting hammered playing this

Anonymous said...

There is a better chance of finding four virgins then bigfoot. I mean seriously, I would believe in bigfoot aliens santa clause and social security long before I would believe anyone of these dorks, including the shemale, has ever exchanged bodily fluids with the opposite sex. Oh and Bobo...your cousin doesnt count