Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday's thoughts

Is Donovan McNabb drinking the same Kool Aid as Brett Favre? First it was Favre saying this Packer team is the best he has ever seen (now he is saying they will get better as the season goes on), now McNabb is claiming the bEagles are a Super Bowl team. Uh yeah. Sure they were hampered by injuries and idiots. But the rest of the NFC East was better last year, and will be better this year. If any team in the East can win more than 10 games, that will be a feat in its own.

No, I am not going to make a prediction on who wins the East either. I think the Cowboys can, but I wouldn't put any big money on it. I think the division is going to beat the hell out of each other.

Ouch! Death by woodchipper. And it wasn't someone trying to hide a body (Gambino doesn't let anyone do that anymore). Now this guy was a "professional". He figured it was ok to try and free a log that was jammed in a wood chipper by kicking it. As the motor ran. With his foot. Saddest part is he had two young daughters. Once again, stupidity beats logic.

Back in January of 2005, I had an impromptu question and answer session. I looked at one of the answers I had. Using the magic of the internet, let's look at what I said about gin:

(The Wig asks)So, like, when is it ever appropriate to drink the following: Gin, gin and tonic, vodka, vodka and tonic, scotch, and that Wisconsin favorite Brandy?
Let's start with gin. Why does anyone drink this stuff? I blame Kiss. They
made is sound cool to drink Cold Gin. If you enjoy sucking on a fir tree, then
go ahead. Drink gin. Though I shall admit it, I did have a bottle of gin in my
freezer throughout college.But then again, gin and tonic can be quite a
refreshing cocktail. Tanqueray and tonics can go down pretty good when the mood hits you right. However, Bombay Sapphire is even better. But please, please,
whatever you do, don't drink rail gin. I have been known to chastise people for
drinking rail gin. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra fifty cents to get
top shelf. Your stomach and liver are your friends. Treat them well.

Interesting how my thoughts on gin have improved. I did start by ragging on those juniper berries but then said how much I enjoy Sapphire and tonic. Why does anyone drink that stuff? Because it is there and is better than vodka.

Hey, feel free to ask me any more drinking questions in the comments. Always will to answer. That is why I do for my community service, help people out.

Going to the Brewers game tonight. Free tix via my friend Mark. Ben Sheets is on the mound. Sad to think about how the season may have unfolded if he had not been injured. Team could have been a contender. Now it is just the same thing for the last 20 years.

So they caught Jon Benet's killer!!! Un-fuggin-believable! Dude looks like psychopath too. Who saw this one coming, huh? Bet everyone that kept blaming the parents feels like shit now. No, those bastards probably don't. They are sad they won't make any more money on their books or any future TV show appearances.

I am going to the weakest party known to man this weekend. Without giving details, I had to "set" it up. That "set" up was making one phone call. To a bowling alley. A total of 5 people will be their for a birthday party (not mine). This may be the saddest thing I may ever attend beyond a funeral.

I will need to update my links soon. DJW has fallen off the planet once again. So has our puddlefied friend Frederick. Auditions for taking their spot in the lineup are now open. Give me a song and dance and pour a drink. Reener gets a spot. How do you not like someone who cheers against sailors in hope that they will fall in the toilet that is Lake Michigan?

Speaking of toilets, what is wrong with the person who arrived here by the search for "is drinking yellow pee bad for you"? *shudder* Freak!

They say you should learn from your mistakes. Pfffft! A number of years ago, I held a College Beer Party. Later to be known as the Bad Beer Party. The concept was that now that you have a job, you don't need to buy the same cheap beer you did in college. Thus, bring a six pack of the beer you drank in college. The heavyweights of cheap beer were all represented- Old Milwaukee, Goebel, Red White and Blue, Hamms, Special Export, Rhinelander, Black Label. It was a good night. Man did most of that beer suck. But not as bad as the Olympia Ice. Whoever had the grand idea of taking a suck ass beer- Olympia- and then making an Ice version had to be totally sick in the mind.

Yet, I think I want to do another one of these. Bad Beer Party II. Maybe I can coerce some people into doing this on a camping trip...


Reenner said...

Thanks for the add! Right back at you. I will submit a report from the "Toilet Games" later today.

J. Gambino said...

Yeah, we haven't used wood chippers in ages. Meat grinders are where it's at.

al said...

Bad Beer Party at camping could be interesting. Although what I consider bad beer (Hamms) you guys drink